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Home Energy Services is committed to using observation, diagnostic testing, knowledge and experience to provide recommendations for practical improvements which will result in energy efficiency and conservation, comfort, improved health and safety, and financial savings.

Why an Energy Audit?

There are several reasons to have an energy audit performed on your home.  You may have just received your utility bill and what to figure out how to decrease the amount.  There may be comfort issues or health and safety issues. Our you may be want to minimize your impact to the world we live in.

High utility bills

Heating Fuel    Electricity    both

Comfort issues

Hot    Cold    Smells/stinky    Drafty    Noisy    Condensation/sticky

Health and Safety

Mold    Radon    Carbon Monoxide    Lead    Allergies    Other toxins    Chronic illness

Doing your part - Altruism

Reduce carbon footprint    Use less energy    Be more "green"    

Company Profile

Home Energy Services is an owner operated business dedicated to helping people sort through the plethora of material and information and presenting practical solutions and ideas to make your home more energy efficient, lower your operating costs and to make sure your home is a safe and healthy home. 

Home Energy Services is a Minnesota State Certified Energy Auditor and is a division of Value Recovery Builders LLC, a Licensed Minnesota Residential Building Contractor. 

Building on the experience of many remodeling projects and a couple of whole house remodels has provided a background in understanding the problems in existing homes.  Where they are and why they are a problem.  A house functions as a system and fixing or upgrading one piece can break the system and problems can occur.  A working house is now broken because a change was made without understanding how the change effect the system.

Home Energy Services understands this system and takes a big picture view of your home to solve problems and issue that may have been created from previous upgrades or remodeling to your house.


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